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Crowd contribution
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Bitcoin Suisse

framework agreement*

*This document was prepared by Bitcoin Suisse.
Streamr bears no responsibility for the
contents therein.

The Streamr Token Launch

All contribution periods are complete

We Reached Our Cap

The Streamr crowd contribution period is now over. Thanks to all our contributors for their enthusiasm and support in helping us reach our target! Read our wrap-up blog post here.

Scam Warning

There are no second chances to participate. Any website, forum, chat, email, or other message claiming so is a scam. The contribution period is over. Never send ETH to any address without double-checking it from multiple sources.

Key Data
StartOctober 6th 12:00 UTC
EndOctober 13th 13:20 UTC
Small Cap Track5005,000 CHF equivalent
Large Cap Track5,00050,000 CHF equivalent
Price1 CHF = 18.25 DATA
Effective rate1 ETH = 5,365.95 DATA (incl. BS fee)

Funding target10,711,923 CHF (crowd contribution)
Tokens available195,492,596 DATA (crowd contribution)
Total target30 million CHF (all periods)
Tokens available650 million DATA (all periods)
Max # of tokens1 billion DATA
Timeline for Contribution StagesTimeline



Registration period



Whitelisting break



24Hr Small Cap exclusive contribution period



All cap contribution period



Crowd Contribution Period Status

195,492,596 DATA
ETH Raised
1 ETH = 5365.95 DATA
Raised earlier: 20M CHF equivalent in pre-contributions
Key Documents
Whitepaper / Technical
outline of the project
Crowd contribution
terms and conditions
Crowd contribution
information summary

Bitcoin Suisse

framework agreement*

*This document was prepared by Bitcoin Suisse.
Streamr bears no responsibility for the
contents therein.

Funding & DATAcoin




Token Allocation

65%Tokens sold
15%Founding team
15%Held by Streamr
3%Partners & advisors
2%Community building

Budget Breakdown

18%Business Development
10%Community & PR
7%Design & Marketing
4%Legal & Financial
3%Security & Bounties




Frequently Asked Questions

Contributing to the project

How do I participate in the crowd contribution period?

Take a look at this blog post.

How do I participate in the pre-contribution period?

The pre-contribution period is over. There is no way to participate in it anymore. If you see someone claiming otherwise, it is a scam. Here is a blog post providing an overview on the pre-contribution period.

What is the structure, timeline, and pricing of the contribution periods?

There are three phases: private pre-contribution period, public pre-contribution period, and the crowd contribution period. In total, a maximum of 30 million CHF can be contributed to the project.

The base price in all contribution periods is the same: 1 CHF = 18.25 DATA. Discounts/bonuses may apply in each contribution phase, and they are detailed below.

Public Pre-Contribution Period

The public pre-contribution period started on September 14th and was capped at 5 million CHF. The pre-contribution was registered full in 25 minutes. A 10% bonus applies to pre-contributions, meaning that for each DATA you would receive at the base price, you get a bonus 0.1 DATA. The effective price including the bonus tokens can be calculated to equal 1 CHF = 20.075 DATA.

Crowd Contribution Period

After the public pre-contribution period is over, checked, and cleared, we will announce the exact schedule and implementation of the crowd contribution period. Assuming no major problems occur with the pre-contribution period, the crowd contribution period will follow soon after - currently planned for early October. The price will be the base price (no bonus), and during this period all tokens not allocated in the Pre-Contribution Periods will be available.

Private Pre-Contribution Period

For transparency, in the following section we would like to disclose some information about the private pre-contribution period. Private contributions include early contributions and strategic contributions. Both are important for the project, but for different reasons. Early contributions guarantee that the project has enough early funding to make it as far as the public contribution periods. Strategic contributions ensure that the project has long-term supporters whose interests are aligned with the project. This includes, for example, funds, partners, and well-connected individuals.

Around half of the funding target comes from large contributors and early supporters, and they are onboarded separately outside the public contribution periods. This way we prevent them from eating up all tokens during the public contribution periods, allowing smaller contributors a better chance to participate in them. Doing so also allows us to set a stricter contribution cap on the public periods, which helps maximize token distribution. Last but not least, this way we know who the biggest token holders are, and get to select who we want to work with, making sure they are long-term supporters of the project. Most of the private contributors have been introduced to us by people we trust.

Almost all of the private contributors have a 15% discount to the base price, meaning an effective price of 21.47 DATA per CHF. Only three contributors (worth 1.2M CHF) have better terms than this: one due to coming in much earlier than others and thus accepting a greater risk, and two because they have been supporting us for many years in various ways.

Who has access to the contributions and manages the project?

Streamr Network AG, a public limited company (Aktiengesellschaft) incorporated in the Canton of Zug in Switzerland, will control the funds and coordinate and manage the implementation of the project.

Who is Bitcoin Suisse and why do you work with them?

Bitcoin Suisse is a regulated financial entity based in Switzerland. They handle the KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) compliance for the contributions. Going through the process is definitely in the best interest of both the project and its contributors, since it helps reduce regulation-driven risks in the future.

Will the crowd contribution period be via Bitcoin Suisse as well?

It is not decided yet. It depends on our experience with them during the pre-contribution period, and your experience as a contributor of course. Let us know your feedback.

Which currencies are accepted?

BTC, ETH, and the main fiat currencies.

What is the name and symbol of the project token?

The project token is the Streamr DATAcoin, and its symbol is DATA. The token is an ERC20 standard token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is already deployed here, and should appear automatically in at least MyEtherWallet and Parity wallets.

Will there be a lockdown period for DATAcoin created?

DATAcoin tokens will be transferable a few weeks after the end of the crowd contribution period. Tokens reserved for the team are subject to a one-year lockdown period.

Why is there a 5,000 CHF minimum contribution?

This is the minimum level imposed by Bitcoin Suisse. The KYC process involves manual work, and that work is not feasible for a large number of small contributions. This minimum will apply at least for the pre-contribution period, but we will work on a way to get smaller contributions on board in the crowd contribution period.

About DATAcoin

What is the role of DATAcoin?

The role of project token is twofold: it is both a usage token on the Streamr network and a payment token on the Streamr marketplace.

The Streamr network is a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) network. It is used to transport real-time data from data producers to data consumers. Using the services of the network - publishing and subscribing to data - requires a small amount of DATAcoin tokens, consumed as fees. The fees are earned by nodes which form the network and provide the data transport service.

The token also represents value in the data content. The Streamr marketplace allows data producers to receive payments in DATAcoin for a data license, a permission to access and use the data. Access to data can be traded on the marketplace by by companies, organisations, individuals, and machines, offering a novel monetization mechanism for data content.

Can I mine DATAcoin?

Mining typically means solving an artificial CPU/GPU-bound math problem, like in Bitcoin and Ethereum. In this sense, DATAcoin cannot be mined. Instead, it will be possible to earn DATAcoin by contributing bandwidth to the network by running a Streamr node. The rewards earned by running a node come from usage fees paid by users of the network. No amount of DATAcoin is created after the initial allocations after the contribution periods.

About Streamr

What is Streamr?

Check out this video, which explains Streamr in 2 minutes. You will find more information on our main website, whitepaper, and the product itself.

What stage is the product in?

The Streamr Network, Engine, and Editor are already up and running. You can immediately start using them by creating an user account on our main website. The technical infrastructure is currently still centralized, however, and its decentralization is one of the key goals of the project. Thanks to this approach of starting with centralized “training wheels” and adding decentralization iteratively over the course of the project, we can offer the community a functioning product from day one.

Where is the project roadmap?

The project roadmap is laid out in the whitepaper (see Section 5).

Which blockchains is Streamr compatible with?

Streamr is blockchain agnostic, and can operate alongside any smart contract platform in the future. We will begin by supporting Ethereum, because it is available and production-ready.

Won’t the limited scalability of current-day blockchains prevent Streamr from working?

Streamr is designed to work with current-day blockchains. The data itself never goes to the blockchain, as the Streamr network is an off-chain companion network for data delivery, sits alongside the blockchain, and only occasionally communicates aggregate state changes to the blockchain.

That said, better blockchain scalability would help achieve more fine-grained value transfers and network governance by the related smart contracts in the long run. Sidechain solutions like Plasma and Polkadot will help move in the right direction.

How can I get involved?

Join our Chat and start using the product. Streamr will be an open source project which will benefit from proposals and code from passionate developers worldwide.